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Why I’m against Obamacare

This whole process of health insurance “reform” is maddeningly frustrating for an average, non-political citizen such as myself.  We’ve spent months watching the debate over Obamacare and wasted untold man hours trying to draft a bill that by many indications has almost no chance of passage.  Why does it have to be so complicated?  Why can’t we pass a small bill we can all agree upon, and move on.  In an economic downturn, it makes absolutely no sense in any rational way to play with so much money – with a financial outcome that no one can predict (even the CBO can’t predict the cost, because the final language is not written yet).  Use incremental changes to tweak the existing system rather than throwing the whole thing under the bus. Seems like common sense to me.

They should trash the entire bill as it is and start over. It should have 3 pages.

Page 1. Allow health insurance to be sold across state lines, and for the companies to pay taxes based on where they have insurees, not where their businesses are located.  Apparently there is concern that opening state lines will force companies to move to states with lower tax rates…

Page 2. Commit public money to health and physical fitness in schools again. Instill a healthy lifestyle at a young age to short circuit obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyles, etc.  I’m not talking about throwing dodge balls or inflating parachutes as a group activity (I did this in public grade school for gym class).  I’m talking about getting kids on bikes, skates, skateboards, pogo sticks, doing orienteering, camping, running, etc.  Anything that gets them moving and participating.   Gym class needs to be totally revamped, given more time in the school year, and made an integral part of child development.

Page 3. Tax credit for not using health insurance each year except for wellness checkups. We should incentivize healthy choices and reward those who make the effort to stay healthy and not drag on the system.

The only downside is that this doesn’t provide any entitlements or cash cows for politicians or the health industry. Therefore, these things won’t ever be discussed as reforms. That is why I want this process to fail. It is overly complicated and has little to do with the health of our citizens.  It is one thing to say you want health care reform, which we all agree needs to be done, but there is no rationale for throwing in with a convoluted, opaque, mysterious bill like we are seeing in Congress today and accepting it simply because the cover of the 1000 page tome says “The Fix for Healthcare.”  There are 999 more pages of political insanity behind it.  Insanity that is even beyond the understanding of those who write it!

The correct answer to the question in the video should have been “you know, you have a point, we should all be able to openly and freely read each bill that is signed into law, giving you the American public time to see what it is we in Congress are doing on your behalf.”  Instead, like this clown says, the bills aren’t even read.  What is worse, the Democrats have fought to stop us from even having a chance to read the final bill before it is signed…saying it would take too much time to write so a lay person can read it.  Clearly, they are hoping to pass this before we can digest what is in it.

Do you want this bill to be passed as is, simply based on your trust of these politicians?  I sure as hell don’t (and to be clear this goes for both parties).

One Response to “Why I’m against Obamacare”

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    Doctor Sinister:

    The whole American health system is confusing as hell for me.

    Am I reading this correctly – that you would be against a British-style National Health Service, but more in favour of a looser style of system similar to what you have?

    The thing with our NHS is that it might be a big bloated mess, but I will never have a go at it ever again after what it did for my boy after he was born (surgery and what have you). I’m not sure his own future NHS contributions will ever be able to cover the cost of that. It’s nice to know it’s there if it’s ever needed.

    Dr. S.